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From Jane Oakshott MBE Voice and Performance Coach

Based in Leeds

Presentations and Public Speaking 

Do you feel you lack confidence when presenting?

Do you know you tend to mumble or rush?

You’re not sure that you can be heard, or if people are really listening?

Do you feel you could do much better if only you knew how?

Being able to give a good presentation doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but there are three key skills that can be developed to help you get your message across effectively.


These three key skills are based on simple physiology and are easy to put into practice once you know:

  • what works for you, and

  • how to keep doing it!

Performance coaching speeds the process through objective and constructive feedback together with exercises and practice to develop awareness, confidence and capability. 

By learning how to achieve these things you can be confident of giving an effective presentation. Every time.


"Jane's coaching is fun and inspirational . She has given me the confidence and tools to be a more effective communicator. and I learn something new and useful every time we meet." 

C.M.,Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance, Leeds Beckett University

Presentations and Public Speaking

Advanced Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

Do you want to take your presentation skills to the next level?

You’re a good speaker, but you’d like to be brilliant at it?

Do you want to learn how to produce magic moments?

This is where you take communication skills far beyond the basics.  Lift-off to new heights - and take your audience with you.


What makes you a moving and memorable presenter?  


It's when your audience wants to listen. When you surprise and delight.  When you make them laugh, cry, think. It's when your listeners feel excited, uplifted, inspired. It's when you make a difference.

Advanced skills are where presentation becomes an art; exciting for the audience and empowering for the speaker.  

"With great kindness, Jane has taught me the life skills on how to preserve my voice and to control my breath. Furthermore, I am constantly learning how to get the best out of my voice for my profession."

Tessa Urquhart British English

e-Learning Voice-Over Specialist

Advanced Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

"I landed the promotion I wanted! Your breathing exercises before each interview helped dramatically. Many thanks again for all your help and encouragement." 

 J.S., Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures, University of Leeds

Interview Skills

Audition Success Coaching

Do you need to improve your audition technique?

You worry that you're missing out on work because you're not prepared?

Do you feel you need to work more flexibly with a script?

Often you're called to auditions at quite short notice, so acting talent is only your starting point. 


You will also need:

  • Secure technique, to avoid sabotage by nerves

  • To read intelligently, with very little preparation

  • To bring out the style, pace, rhythms and structure of the script 

  • To look and sound professional, from greeting to parting handshake


Practice helps, but only when you're confident that you're getting it right!


My coaching has a success rate of over 90% both for drama school entry and professional jobs.  

Audition Success Coaching

Voice for Teachers

Do you worry your voice is suffering from speaking for long periods of time?

Does it get hoarse, strangled, flat?

Do you worry about long term damage to your voice?

Teaching is one of the best jobs in the world, but it makes heavy demands on you and your voice. A tired or 'pushed' voice is draining for both teacher and pupils.

Recent research shows that a relaxed, lively voice delivers key benefits in the classroom, including:

  • Smoother behaviour management

  • Improved classroom environment

  • Increased teacher wellbeing 

A well-supported, expressive voice is easy to maintain for long periods of time, engaging to listen to, and easy to understand.


Through simple tips and exercises on:

  • Relaxation, equilibrium and effective body language

  • Jaw and neck relaxation

  • Power breathing

you will discover how to maintain authority with ease, increase pupil engagement, improve learning outcomes, and keep your own energy and enjoyment levels up.

"After just one session my student teacher's articulation was much clearer; the end of words didn’t fade away, and he used his voice to convey authority more clearly. Now there is also a greater degree of expression in his voice, and his classroom management is much easier."

Catherine Willis, Participant Development Lead, Programme Delivery, Teach First

Voice for Teachers

Leeds Voice Days

Practical and lively interactive workshops exploring the art and science of speaking.  

Run jointly with Speech and Language Therapist Jo Donnelly, my quarterly Leeds Voice Days workshops offer the chance to develop and practise communication skills individually and in front of a group.


Our blend of scientific know-how and dramatic flair gives refreshing insights and is tailored to each participant’s aims and needs. Numbers are limited to ensure time for practice, feedback and discussion.  

During the sessions, we help you to:

  • Feel more confident: deal with nerves by finding techniques that work for you

  • Speak clearly: with a variety of tone and pitch

  • Project your voice: without strain, whatever the space

  • Engage your listener(s)…so they want to keep listening

For further information, and details of the next workshop, please visit the website For bookings, contact Jo Donnelly at

"A fascinating, energising workshop with great practical tips - I loved how the advice was so clear and tailored to each individual.”


M.L. Language student, Leeds 

Elevate your public speaking and presentation prowess 

Elevate your public speaking and presentation prowess with Jane Oakshott MBE customised coaching. Achieve audition success and command every room. Start transforming your performance skills today.

"You really gave me the confidence

and the accent I needed for

Kay Mellor's “The Syndicate”

auditions -  and it was great fun. 

Thank you!" 

Actor Matthew Lewis,  first famous as Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films.

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