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Jane Oakshott MBE Voice and Performance Coach

Based in Leeds


​I offer individual coaching and group workshops in most aspects of personal communication skills, working through discussion, practice and physical exercises, such as breath control, to build skills and confidence. My coaching is both practical and interactive, and is always attuned to the individual's need.

Because everyone is different, with their own aims in seeking a voice coach, the options are flexible. There is no set number of sessions. Everything follows from each individual's aims and concerns as discussed in the first appointment.


The aim is for you to achieve effective and enjoyable communication, in a way that suits you best. Find out more by contacting me or using the buttons below.

Jane Oakshott MBE

Voice and Performance Coach
Based in Leeds

To arrange your consultation and get the help you want with your new voice coach.


Call: 0113 278 6215

​Mobile: 07530 088245


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