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From Jane Oakshott MBE Voice and Performance Coach

Based in Leeds

Personal Impact and Presence

Personal Impact and Presence

Do you often worry that you haven’t made an impact?

You prefer to think before you speak?

Do you find it hard work to influence and connect with people?

You find it's easier to deliver your ideas in writing?

Do you hate the idea of sounding 'loud'?

All this can be very stressful and disheartening for a deep thinker in today's world of noise and fast talkers. Communicating clearly at interviews and meetings, or socialising in a room of extroverts, can feel like hard work. 

Feeling uncomfortable can result in hesitant or mumbled speech, giving an impression of being unprepared, negative or just uninterested.


A great waste of potential!


I can help you:

  • Handle situations more comfortably

  • Feel more at ease with the unexpected

  • Be listened to with respect

  • Bring people on board with your ideas

  • Cut through the noise with quiet influence




A range of proven exercises tailored to your aims can show you how to play to your strengths, be energised without artificiality, and confident without arrogance.

"By learning physical techniques

to pronounce words more firmly,

I'm now able to feel calmer and communicate with more

effectiveness and enjoyment."


Leeds Beckett University

Shyness and Networking

Do you dread networking occasions?

You find it difficult to talk to people?

Do you panic about what to say next?

You feel you make too little impact?

Shyness (aka social anxiety/ self-consciousness) is a nuisance and - in extreme cases - a real blight.  It can hold you back both professionally and personally.


Shyness can seriously affect the way you think and even the way you feel, drawing your energy inwards, which reduces communication. The result is:


  • You mumble or rush words so you can't be heard easily

  • You sink inwards, to take up less space

  • You can seem disinterested, unfriendly or stand-offish

So how can coaching help?  I work through simple, practical ways for you to:


  • Speak clearly  even when nervous

  • Feel better about talking to people 

  • Develop a new more relaxed way of being yourself

  • Seem more assured and comfortable, so you put others at their ease

  • Have better conversations through listening more effectively

Gradually you'll realise that 'seeming more comfortable' has become reality, and that life has become less effort, happier and much more interesting.

"Jane's relaxed and positive approach combines expertise, exercises, feedback and practice. Fun and very effective - it's made me feel much more confident

and capable."

Lecturer in English at

Leeds Trinity University

Shyness and Networking

Adjusting your accent

Do you feel your accent is holding you back professionally?

Do you often have to repeat yourself?

You want to be more easily understood, but without losing your roots?

Do you feel at a disadvantage talking to your boss?  Your colleagues? - Your customers?

Whether you're from another continent, another country, or just another county, having a different accent can make you feel uncomfortable - especially if people have trouble understanding you.


Accent is an important part of who you are and adds flavour for the listener.  But if people have trouble understanding you, it becomes a barrier.


And if YOU find it a problem then it needs dealing with before it gets in the way of work and social life.


All languages and dialects use slightly different mouth shapes.  Often changing just two key sounds can make all the difference to your speech as a whole - you become easy to understand, but you still sound like you!   


For actors, learning a different dialect or accent for a play script, or film audition, the approach is the same - practising a different way to 'wear your mouth'.


Accents and dialects are fun - to find out how to modify yours, just contact me.

"Jane is a marvel, what she does is magic. She helps me every time with my accent training, I cannot recommend her enough. She has a real ability to make you believe you can do anything. "


Natalie Gavin 

Adjusting your accent

Boost your personal impact and communication skills

Boost your personal impact and communication skills. Overcome shyness, soften accents, and excel in interviews with our focussed specialist coaching. Enhance your personal skills for lasting confidence. Contact today!

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