Voice for Teachers

Do you worry your voice is suffering from speaking for long periods of time?

Does it get hoarse, strangled, flat?

Do you worry about long term damage to your voice?

Teaching is one of the best jobs in the world, but it makes heavy demands on you and your voice. A tired or 'pushed' voice is draining for both teacher and pupils.

Recent research shows that a relaxed, lively voice delivers key benefits in the classroom, including:

  • smoother behaviour management

  • improved classroom environment

  • increased teacher wellbeing 

A well-supported, expressive voice is easy to maintain for long periods of time, engaging to listen to, and easy to understand.


Through simple tips and exercises on:

  • relaxation, equilibrium and effective body language

  • jaw and neck relaxation

  • power breathing

you will discover how to maintain authority with ease, increase pupil engagement, improve learning outcomes, and keep your own energy and enjoyment levels up.

"Even after one session my student teacher's articulation was much clearer; the end of words didn’t fade away, and he used his voice to convey authority more clearly. Now there is also a greater degree of expression in his voice, and his classroom management is easier."

Catherine Willis, Participant Development Lead, Programme Delivery, Teach First