Shyness and Networking

Do you dread networking occasions?

You find it difficult to talk to people?

Do you panic about what to say next?

You feel you make too little impact?

Shyness (aka social anxiety/ self-consciousness) is a nuisance and - in extreme cases - a real blight.  It can hold you back both professionally and personally.


Shyness can seriously affect the way you think and even the way you feel, drawing your energy inwards, which reduces communication. The result is:

  • you mumble or rush words so you can't be heard easily

  • you sink inwards, to take up less space

  • you can seem disinterested, unfriendly or stand-offish

So how can coaching help?  I work through simple, practical ways for you to:

  • speak clearly  even when nervous

  • feel better about talking to people 

  • develop a new more relaxed way of being yourself

  • seem more assured and comfortable, so you put others at their ease

  • have better conversations through listening more effectively

Gradually you'll realise that 'seeming more comfortable' has become reality, and that life has become less effort, happier and much more interesting.

"Jane's relaxed and positive approach combines expertise, exercises, feedback and practice. Fun and very effective - it's made me feel much more confident

and capable."

Lecturer in English at

Leeds Trinity University