Presentations and Public Speaking 

Do you feel you lack confidence when presenting?

Do you know you tend to mumble or rush?

You’re not sure that you can be heard, or if people are really listening?

Do you feel you could do much better if only you knew how?

Being able to give a good presentation doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but there are three key skills that can be developed to help you get your message across effectively.


These three key skills are based on simple physiology and are easy to put into practice once

you know:

  • what works for you, and

  • how to keep doing it!

Performance coaching speeds the process through objective and constructive feedback together with exercises and practice to develop awareness, confidence and capability. 

By learning how to achieve these things you can be confident of giving an effective presentation. Every time.


In-person coaching now back on the agenda ( 1-2-1, large room in a Covid-aware building)

"Jane has given me the confidence and tools to be a  more effective communicator. Her sessions are fun and inspirational and I learn something new and useful every time we meet." 

Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance, Leeds Beckett University