Audition Success Coaching

Do you need to improve your audition technique?

You worry that you're missing out on work because you're not prepared?

Do you feel you need to work more flexibly with a script?

Often you're called to auditions at quite short notice, so acting talent is only your starting point. 


You will also need:

  • secure technique, to avoid sabotage by nerves

  • to read intelligently, with very little preparation

  • to bring out the style, pace, rhythms and structure of the script 

  • to look and sound professional, from greeting to parting handshake


Practice helps, but only when you're confident that you're getting it right!


My coaching has a success rate of over 90% both for drama school entry and professional jobs.  

"Really gave me the confidence

and the accent I needed for

Kay Mellor's “The Syndicate”

auditions -  and it was great fun. 

Thank you!" 

Actor Matthew Lewis, best known as Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films.