Advanced Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

Do you want to take your presentation skills to the next level?

You’re a good speaker, but you’d like to be brilliant at it?

Do you want to learn how to produce magic moments?

This is where you take communication skills far beyond the basics.  Lift-off to new heights - and take your audience with you.


What makes you a moving and memorable presenter?  


It's when your audience wants to listen.   When you surprise and delight.  When you make them laugh, cry, think. It's when your listeners feel excited, uplifted, inspired. It's when you make a difference.

Advanced skills are where presentation becomes an art; exciting for the audience and empowering for the speaker.  

In-person coaching now back on the agenda  ( 1-2-1, large room in a Covid-aware building)

"With great kindness, Jane has taught me the life skills on how to preserve my voice and to control my breath. Furthermore, I am constantly learning how to get the best out of my voice for my profession."

Tessa Urquhart British English

e-Learning Voice-Over Specialist